Saturday, October 10, 2009

The season to date ...

In past seasons UTD start to the season hasn't been so enticing with several draws and losses. But this season has been quite enticing and exciting with a hard fought 1 nil victory over birmingham, a 5 nil thumping of Wigan, a lucky win against the high flying gunners. Than came a 10 man victory against another team who had started the season so brightley with a 3-1 win over the spurs. Then we pulled out all our guns against bitter rivals Citeh, and came pricelessly on top.

They spent millions on their strikeforce and we spent nothing on this old lad and won us the game brilliantly. Seven great performances both in the league and in Europe a few blips against Burnley, Sunderland and Beskitas... but overall the Reds have started this season firing in all cylanders.

And yet the rivals, press, fans seem to be dissapointed and constantly critisizing the team for a poor and dull start. Fact is, I haven't seen a more lively start to a season. Three games in a row we beat high flying teams, then 2/3 teams struggled to win their next games. Old legends have suddenly come alive, this season with Scholsey pumping need life into our midfield, and Giggsy tearing up the wings and centre like the good old days. Wayne Rooney has stepped up to the talk and made sure his prescence was known.. and what about our class it has seriously increased with the ever so classy Berba really upping his game.

So what exactly have United done wrong, 2nd in the ladder have won 9/11 games in the league & Europe. We've scored 22 goals , conceded 9 goals and this is us Manchester United, the team who wern't suppose to succeed so early in the season due to the #1 player in the world departuring and also a benchwarmer might I add. Manchester United have DEFIED the odds the press and Rivals have put on them, they've hopefully shut up the critics, BECAUSE MANCHESTER UNITED ARE STRONGER than they were last season despite losing 2 big players. And I think our fans need to get of whatever their on, and get behind the team because I believe we have started the season bloody brilliantly and whoever doubts us can fill the fan vaccancy for Madrid because they seem to have everything.