Monday, September 20, 2010

3-2 Y.S.B

Walk On
Walk On
With Berbatov In Your Heart
And the Scousers Will Walk Alone
The SCOUSERS Will Walk Alone
And walk alone they did.
This match is fixture, which is labelled the Biggest Football match in Britain, only a Rangers/Celtic match could come close due to the hatred, religious affiliations involved with it, but thats played too often.
But When Manchester United play Liverpool, when 36 League titles and 5 European Cups are presented in one football pitch than its too big.
Both clubs are the two most decorated football clubs in English History, but like Lady boy Torres this current crop of scouser's are distant memory of their former hero's in the 70/80's.
The game was billed to be a must win for both side, Kenny Daglish labelled that whoever shall falter will lose their title aspirations, but I don't agree it way to early for that, but it was more about getting the confidence out of being her hated rivals and kick starting a premier league campaign which has more stops than Rio'splaying on the field.
Fergie opted for the 442, with the ever bright Bulgarian being the one to turn to this season, after Rooney's off the field in-discretions. The lads started the match brightly with an all out attack, the dippers just watched as Paul Scholes and the Scotsman flecth bossed the midfield and actually providing our two strikers unlike our opposition.
Passes/crosses were wasted, so was the amount of goal scoring chances Nani had, but it took a thunderous header and lady boy defending from the man they call El NINO to break the deadlock, and great corner kick in from Giggs, let our top scorer Dimitar Berbatov smash in a header to make it 1-0. Mind you the scousers had both Konchesky and Reina in goal but still couldn't keep out the class that is Dimitar Berbatov.

1/2 time elapsed and you could say Fergie wouldbe satisfied, 1-0 up against your arch rivals isn't so bad.
Second half came along, the scousers tried and failed miserably to score and shut the bloody scouse supporters from constantly sing "youll never walk alone", well quite clearly Berba would have rathered to score alone, when a magnificent touch from Nani, enabled Berba to magically lead United into a 2 goal lead, he took the pass on the high kicked up and so magnificently implemented a backward bicycle kick to bury the dippers head even further. 2-0 up, game over we thought.. and how we thought wrong

United's defence United clicked the self destruct mode as they did @ Fullham, and quite convincingly against the other Merseyside establishment and have up a 2 goal via a Fernando Torres PC, and yes a Fernando Torres Free kick which Stevie 'love kissing OT Camera' Gerrard converted quite happily, though his mug shot face looking a contrast of his old self @ full time.

Dimitar Berbatov came up with the goods again. A Hattrick against the dippers that would surely absorb all the Berbaflop droplets that are out there, Johny O Shea made up for that free kick by kicking in a pinch point cross to Set up Berba to smash the ball @ the back of the Pepe Party Animal Reina's net. And OT went wild, Berbatov smiled and seemed to get heaps of slaps from his compatriots.

There was a still nervy 4 minutes, injury time, but the lads concentrated held out and secured an entertaining 3-2 victory of the dippers.

Top 3 Performers : Dimitar Berbatov - Darren Fletcher - Nani
MOTM : Dimitar Berbatov

Overall a good performance by United, but our defensive Unite needs to be sorted out, quite soon.

Get in there United.


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