Monday, September 20, 2010

My Darling Berbatov

Who's that classy lad from Bulgaria
Who's that lad we all adore
Berbatov is his name and his class is out of his brain
and scousers wont be walking anymore
What a match by Berbatov to silence his critics, against our hated most pathetic rivals he scores, not one but tres goals. A fucking hat trick against the dippers, why are we so blessed.

Last night he showed why's gods gift to United, and dare I say he is showing Eric Cantona in every bit of him. He marked his name firmly in United's History books as only 2nd player to score a hat trick against the dippers in our history.

And yet he was so humble and warming about, this is what our classy genius had to say & God Bless Him:

"It's a magical day, special for me of course because I scored a hat-trick and we won against our rivals Liverpool," dimi explained to MUTV.

"Everybody was happy in the dressing room after the game. I am happy too and I am going home with a smile on my face because we won a very important game.

"It is probably one of my best games for United but I don't want it to be my last so I will keep working and hopefully I will improve on the things I try to do. Today, everything was really happening for me. I give thanks to my team-mates who supplied me for the goals." "Honestly I didn't see the ball go in the net but when I hear the crowd screaming, then it was easy to guess what happened so it was a good goal. For me, if the ball's in the net, it doesn't matter if it's an overhead kick or just a tap-in."

"This was going through my mind when it was 2-2 but we showed that we have a good spirit, a fighting spirit and we always fight to the end," said Berbatov.

"We showed that today. We scored a third goal and overall I think we deserved the win. Liverpool put up a good performance but I think we deserved to win more than them.

"Let's hope in the future we're not going to complicate it so much. It's good when you're up 2-0 but even better when you make it 3-0. We'll keep working, we'll keep improving. There is a long way ahead of us but hopefully we'll be on top at the end of the season."

"I'm going home to play with my kids," he said. "I am nothing special. Tomorrow is another day and next Sunday we have another game. That's it." ( credit to )

Going home to play with the kids after scoring a hat trick against your hated rivals. Bless Him x

( England National Team .. take note )

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