Friday, September 3, 2010

Internationals clearly ruin my weekend.

So after a fantastic hammering of the hammers, United's form has been put to a halt that's to the ever so fruitless international weekend. Yes even though the Euro 2012 qualifiers require abit more stamina than the odd friendly, why on Earth would you have one at the start of the new season, when teams are just starting to click.
In my honest opinion there should be an allocated two week location during the season and they should do the group qualifiers in that period.
Anyway I bored to stuff this weekend. The Australian league of football - the A-League is still present but quite frankly a Sydney FC Vs Adelaide United fixture doesn't entice me.

So it's a nervous wait till next weekend when the reds face the toffee's and a nervous wait to see how many of our lads will make it fit and in perfect condition. Wayne Rooney was fantastic for the Poms against Bulgaria with literally 4 assists in the whole match, his work rate was high and he's shutting up some of those inglorious ingurland supporters. Our young lad Corry Evans had a good match for the Northern Irish and scored a great winner to seal it for them , Fletch captained the Scots to a 0 - 0 draw against the Lithuanians, Vida played his part in the 3-0 drubbing of the Faroe Islands and our ever so versatile John O Shea played his part in the ROI 1-0 over the Armenians.

So far so good, no injuries (touch wood) I think the players I'm most concerned about is Vida and Wazza. Vida has had a rock solid 1st three matches captaining in each match, while Wazza just recently found his scoring boots, so Im anticipating full fitness for the two ahead of the tough trip to the blue side of Merseyside .

Till then ....
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